Some Advice on How to Delete Video from YouTube

Every Internet user has heard of this service. At the moment, it is the most popular resource for posting videos. There, people can not only add and watch videos (both their own and of other people) but also comment on them. It is possible to give links to these records to their friends and acquaintances.

Billions of views are now being recorded daily there, and millions of people from all over the world have created their own channels on this site. But, despite this popularity of the resource, not all users know how to delete a video from their own or someone else’s channel. And this is done very simply.

How to Delete a Video from Youtube?

Many inexperienced people add some content to their channels, which they would then like to eliminate. But they do not always succeed in doing this. Although this operation takes only several minutes. If you don’t want to see boring stuff on your account, you will need to complete a few simple steps: just find “Add Video” button, then select “Video Manager.” Think in advance what files you don’t need anymore. At the same time keep in mind that you can immediately erase several records, so be careful. The last step is to confirm your intentions by one click.

After that, the video will no longer be available for viewing, although for some time it may appear on search pages or in lists of records as a separate icon. Over time, the recording will disappear completely from all YouTube channels.

But what to do if the file in question placed on another channel, not yours?

  • Nowadays when people and commercial enterprises compete between themselves, sometimes negative or false reviews about a person, brand, or company pop up on “YouTube”. Evil wishers can use this service a tool to influence the audience in the desired direction.
  • Sometimes users encounter a problem when their records are on the channel of another person. Since you can’t erase someone else’s video yourself, you need to perform some other actions to get rid of this video. At the same time, you need to understand that in order to delete someone else’s recording from YouTube you will need a good reason (violation of copyright, confidentiality, etc.)

Here is the instruction for an immediate reaction:

Find the “Report” box for the file in question. Then ground your claim (whether copyrights, confidentiality or something else is violated) and send your request to the administrator of the hosting. Now, wait until the responsible officials will consider your complaint. If this clip does violate your rights, you have 100% chances not to see it anymore in the previous place.

Nothing to worry about!

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